LMS Helpdesk Outsourcing

We recognize the importance of a good helpdesk service as we know that it can define if a user will return to the elearning platform.

Therefore along the years we have developed a set of good practices and a high experient team, empathic with users.

In practice, helpdesk or 1st line support to users and system errors reports (“bugs”) is made by a ticketing system available through a monthly pack of hours entirely managed by customer.

The helpdesk is provided by specialised BTS employees both at our facilities or at our customer premises. It includes:

  • Users Database management (active users review vs number of employees enrolled);
  • Users enrolment;
  • UX problems solving, management and report (user experience) as access to content, platform, etc;
  • Configuration of platform functionalities;
  • Support to learning content (courses, creation of new courses and updating of current ones);
  • Access to Platform (issues of username and password).