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In BTS we privilege the proximity with our customers. Only if we understand our customer’s culture we will be able to design the strategies together with them and help effectively people to leverage their experience and knowledge.

We are a team that works every day in a passionate way. We like what we do and transfer that to our projects. Only this way we manage to produce change and accomplish our customer’s results.
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Pedro Ferreira

Specialized Consultant in Learning Journeys
He has a degree in History by Faculdade de Letras of Oporto University and he is a certified trainer with a degree in Train-the-Trainer of the program “Leadership Development for Individuals, Teams and Organizations” by Oxford Leadership Academy and in the methodology Theory U “Integral Leadership Change” by Presencing Institute.

Hugo Domingos

Elearning Developer (Instructional Designer & LMS Consultant)
Master in eLearning Pedagogics, expert in Classroom Training, Distant Learning and e-Learning. He has specializations in web 2.0, audio and video production and LMS.

Nuno Cardoso

Elearning Developer (Senior Consultant of Instructional Design)

Master in New Technologies and Multimedia. He dedicates a great time of his own to e-Learning research, web applications, design, photography and art.

Carla Martins

Helpdesk / User Support
Master in Technological and Visual Education, she develops the service of e-Learning Support through LMS implemented and available on the company.

Isabel Valente

Administrative Services
She has a degree in Modern Languages and more than 30 years of experience in the administrative area which 10 of them with BTS, namely in the training area, being responsible for Administrative Management, DGERT, technical and pedagogical dossiers and SIGO Platform.