We develop bespoke digital content through a dynamic and fast-running work process and methodology.

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Digital Strategies

Today it is no longer just about elearning. The terms unfolded and trends dictate that elearning becomes micro learning, video learning, social learning, case based learning, gamification, etc. The set of these learning processes are the Digital Strategies.

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Discover how to keep your organization’s training strategies up to date in a growing reality of uncertainty and volatility.

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Digital Strategies

Development of bespoke digital content through a dynamic and fast-executing work process and methodology, designed together with you.
A passionate, interdisciplinary team of instructional designers, elearning designers and multimedia designers. With over 15 years of experience in the national and international market.
Immersion in your organization’s culture to design and develop from surgical and punctual solutions to learning journeys that work with the organization’s cultural transformation.
Learner-centric approach, focusing on the trainee’s experience, via innovative, relevant products, suited to the demands of daily routines (multi device).
Digital products: interactive, systematic, unique, creative and intuitive.
Qualification of its teams with skills that allow them to continue digital projects (ID, tutoring, self-service tool, etc.).

Formats we can

It favors the approximation of the trainee with the presented content, through a fictional character with characteristics relevant to the content, with a profile similar to that of the trainees, in order to maintain the dynamic training and create a direct dialogue
Learning supported by cases allows the trainee to associate the presented content with their professional routine. The situations/cases can be used to exemplify the content or can be proposed in order to lead the trainee to make decisions related to their practice.
It is one of the most effective ways to create a relationship with the targeted audience and facilitate the connection with the content, enhancing learning and retention. For that end, we tell the story through metaphors that illustrate the content.
A microlearning aims to approach a single competence in an interactive and dynamic way.
Multiple choice question format supported in a playful visual with score.
A sequence of video lessons, recorded by an expert, with simple editing and lettering.
To convey timely information through visuals, animations and audio.
Interactive or static resource used to explain content through an image and/or schematics.
Complete course design with classes and tests approved to be an Open Educational Resource.


Elearning Pills

A solution for those who want to empower the team, but don’t have where to start or don’t have the content. Courses with different themes, developed by our team, are available on the Marketplace Blended, some in partnership with entities such as TACK TMI and Faster Courses. They can be used as is or adjusted to your company, in order to better communicate your brand and your needs. Use them as a starting point to create your online training strategy and save time.


We design small learning solutions that have the principle of dividing training content into small blocks, with the aim of supporting the trainee to achieve one result at a time. A “just-in-time” concept, without failing to respond to the organization’s needs and priorities.


We create learning strategies based on the mechanics used in games, to improve the results of your employees. A solution that can be applied in the most diverse areas of your business, not only in training, but also in recruitment, assessment and even organizational productivity. Among the various mechanisms used in gamification are: working by goals to achieve a reward, status and leaderboards, community problem solving, education/training through tips, quizzes, etc., and rewards such as points, badges, coupons, gift cards , etc.

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Digital Strategies?

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