We develop learning strategies to develop any individual or group of individuals in organizations towards true behavioral transformation.

What is
Learning Experience

The concept of learning experience refers to an interaction, a course, a program or other experience that takes place in a traditional format (such as classroom, seminar, etc.) or in innovative, non-traditional formats such as digital context, VILTs, games , etc.


Learning Journey Model Point

We developed a Learning Journey model that completes and adds value to this original concept.


Differentiated learning experience

In these learning journeys, we bring together a set of learning pieces that when all together create an experience, which allows us to adapt learning to style, interests, prior knowledge, etc.


Concept "Learner Centric"

It is a “learner centric” concept in which everything that is developed is relevant to the trainee’s experience and operational context. The ultimate goal is that it results in high retention with transfer to daily practice.


Innovative methodologies

This is achieved through methodologies that involve and motivate the experience through games, case simulation and problem solving, peer learning, social learning, mirror learning, etc.



Our consultants are always available to meet your needs. We offer a set of diagnostic and assessment tools (180 and 360 degrees). We work with Assessment tools such as DISC, TEIq, and others.

Instructional Design

We develop personalized learning solutions, and in blended formats. Instructional design corresponds to a set of techniques and methods that support the planning, structuring and development of educational content in order to improve the trainees’ learning experience and, consequently, achieve the determined learning objectives.

Learning Journeys​

If you are looking to solve your business challenges through training and development (online, face-to-face and/or virtual), it is important that your needs and those of your trainees are put first. We offer total flexibility in learning content, its design and delivery modalities/formats. We are able to design and deliver completely personalized training, designed based on your organisation’s specific values or skills, as if it were an extension of your internal team. In the end, we help each client to obtain the desired results. We work with the Kirkpatrick Model.

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Learning Experience

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