Learning Journeys are learning experiences structured with a single objective: to provide skills relevant for the daily lives of learners.

If we could only define the Learning Journeys in one word it would be relevance. Knowledge is only relevant if organizations’ profiles, contexts and digital tools are taken into account.

Unlike standard training, planned as an “event” and focused on learning itself, Learning Journeys works on practice and applies it to the trainee’s routine in order to improve effectively your skills and results.

To transfer theoretical knowledge to daily practice, it is essential to adapt it to the organization, its culture and its people. It is the customization factor that distinguishes Learning Journeys from other learning methodologies and makes them such an effective training.

From Tack TMI’s point of view, the link between the education and training process must always be aligned with the organization’s goals. Before starting the process, it is essential not only to ask organizations what results they want to achieve with learning, but also to involve trainees in the whole process, explain to them what their role is and what competences they need. will acquire. The more motivated learners are to learn, the more effective the learning methodologies will be.

At Tack TMI, Learning Journeys are developed taking into account 4 elements: the business context, the skills to be acquired, the key behaviors and barriers to learning. In addition to the elements, alignment with the organization and training guidelines are the way to achieve expected success.

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