On May 17th, World Internet Day, the 5G People Transformation By Blended event returned for its 2nd Edition! We brought together national and international experts in training and technology and created one of the best events of the year!

Alex Brittain-Catlin opened the event by stating that Blended Learning is the new normal, so 70% of training companies use Blended Learning, 15% opt for face-to-face training and the remaining 15% for online training only.

For Rui Brandão, Youtube is the main training application today. Training companies have evolved, changed and transformed their business strategies, having as challenges, organization, employee experience, corporate processes, reporting, resources, data quality, exchange and privacy.

Marianna Stavridi added that digital learning platforms should focus on the customer’s digital experience and be the “toolbox” they should use whenever necessary.

The event ended on a high note with Omid Asgari who concluded by stating that the digital experience is crucial in the customer experience. The difficulty in finding what you need, bottlenecks in the user journey, distractions and misleading content, bad navigation, errors or an experience not optimized for mobile are decisive defects and disadvantages in the learning process and effectiveness.

At Blended, we are aware of the obstacles and needs of trainees and we know exactly what the solution is for every challenge in your organization.

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